Thursday, June 07, 2007

Roundtable: Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic

Remember how in the beginning of the movie Contact* there was a satellite that was playing an endless loop of greetings and music and stuff?

Well, it's real (here's the playing list), and after 30 years, Stephen V. Funk, III Esq. MD, PhD, BVD, ESP, thinks that it isn't working.

He proposes to create a new mix to send to outer space, and is taking suggestions now (final results to be displayed on Monday). I made a couple of suggestions that I'll regret in about a minute, and now want to suggest something like the Overture from Jesus Christ Superstar (or at least, a particularly rocking version of that), or Aha's Take On Me...Ace of Base's I Saw The Sign?

Maybe I only crack myself up on this one. Ah well.

Go give him your suggestions, or the aliens will eat your mama!

*talk about a movie that's both boring and pretty worthwhile--tbo


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