Thursday, May 31, 2007

Roundtable: Western Consumer Blues


For this week's Roundtable, Atul muses on something I believe to be a problem strictly for UStians: Stuff bought, and not used (or BANU), therefore taking up space in one's life. Particularly if one is a pack rat (which Atul professes to be, and which I must own up to a large amount).

Seems like most people tend to weed out such things when moving from one domicile to another; but I must confess to liking what I noticed the Germans doing, when I lived there: Junk Day.

Can't remember how often this happened during the year, but whenever it happened, families would place whatever possessions they didn't wish to own anymore out on the curb, leaving it to the general public to stop by, peruse, and take, if so desired. Also can't remember what happened to items not picked up...It's been a while.

Tell the group what crap you can't get rid of, whether out of consumer guilt, or emotional attachment.


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