Thursday, August 10, 2006


As promised, a bunch of links.

First up, somebody who blogs in the fashion I wish I could. I mean, check out this essay on ad agency manipulation. Subtle, to the point, and witty. It's like my fists are made of ham.*

Next, I don't think anyone would be incredibly surprised to learn that the man behind the Girls Gone Wild enterprise is a skeeze, but it's somehow worse to have it verified to such an extreme degree. *le shudder* There's also an interesting sociological section in the article, delving into the whys and wherefores of the participants. Very interesting read, but it may leave you feeling like you need a shower. [Link found via the Rabbit Blog. (holy fucking hell, the Queen Bitch is preggers!)]

Lastly, I've talked about Sars in the past; I love finding a new entry on her site, but this week's essay is stellar and hilarious. Having relished in R.Kelly's similarly hubristic overture, this makes me want to witness something old/new at the same time.

*I almost finished the last sentence with "compared to this," but then I realised that I'm only outdone by Oliver Stone and Brian DePalma on a bender. Ah, well.


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