Monday, March 21, 2005

Links: Sars/Tomato Nation/The Vine

Most of the links that are in the Links Field are there because I know the people who've created the sites and want to increase awareness of their work. Others (like the Miss Alli/TWoP entry) are here because I go to these sites frequently. Even though it is highly likely that people are already aware of these sites, I put them here in hopes of finding the elusive person who hasn't heard of them.

Case in point: Tomato Nation.

I mean, what can I tell you about her that a) you don't know already or b) she couldn't tell you herself?

Simply, Sars (as she is usually identified) is an up-front, unassuming, and incredibly funny woman from Jersey. She co-founded and runs the TWoP site, has two cats, is a freelance copy editor, is an occasional playwright, and an unapologetic Yankee fan. Her advice column is remarkably clear of bullshit, and spends just about equal time talking sense to the romantically questionful as she does discussing the finer elements of grammar.

And did I mention that she's funny? Because if I didn't, she's funny. Really funny.

She's also pretty accessible, I don't think that any of the emails that I've sent to her over the years have gone unanswered, which considering how busy she is, is pretty impressive.

Mostly, though, I think she's phenom. The very complete-ness of her site is inspiring.

Someday, I hope that this li'l blog that could grows to such a self-contained size as that of Sars'.

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At 11:34 PM, Anonymous JJ said...

Hey, didn't there used to be another post here? Or did I dream that? Because that happens sometimes.

At 12:04 AM, Blogger the beige one said...

no, not a dream. but it got to a point where even I was sick of looking at it. So, it had to go.


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