Monday, March 07, 2005

Big City: 349 Town: 0

I'm out for my smoke break, and a guy comes up asking for a cigarette. Out of the group milling around, only one is able to oblige. The guy offers to give the smoker a quarter for his troubles, and is turned down.

The guy is grateful and jokes, "yeah, just put it on my tab." They share a laugh, when the smoker notes the guy's guitar and asks for a song in return.

The guy starts playing some better than decent blues on his guitar. I am reminded of the moment in Blues Brothers where they do a bunch of establishing shots in Chicago's South Side, and they cut to a legendary blues guitarist, who is hamming it up as a street performer...

It's when stuff like this happens that I get all Romantic, and claim that it is more proof that this self-hating little burg is becoming a city, regardless of what the locals want.


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