Tuesday, October 25, 2005

RIP Mrs. Parks

[TBO's note: The following was initially posted in my Buddhist Rants blog.--tbo]

And thanks for everything, ma'am. As much of a pain in the ass, I'm sure, your corns and tired body were at the time, it was from such tiny circumstances, and the denial of such a basic human need for rest, that finally awoke an entire nation to its gross injustices. Church bombings didn't do it. The lynching of Emmett Till didn't do it. (One last on Emmett Till.*)

What did it was your sitting your tired ass down at the end of an exhausting workday. And for that I salute you wholeheartedly. I'm sure you were surprised that from such a small action, so much would be made from and of it, but, usually, that's all it takes. Thanks for having the guts to not bend on that fateful day.

This society has made some progress, and there's still plenty of room for growth, but none of it would have been listened to if we didn't have something as prosaic as "let the damn woman sit the fuck down" to point to.

I, for one, will mourn your loss, and celebrate your life.

*I just recently found out about Emmett Till, and his story should be taught in classes, along with the heroics of Mrs. Parks, Dr. King, and Mr. X.--tbo


At 3:38 PM, Blogger thelyamhound said...


I was gonna email you about this when I saw the headline, 'cause of your mentioning her in A Walk in the Dark, and because we watched Barber Shop together ("Rosa Parks sat her ass down!").

To be honest, I didn't know until today that she had still been around . . . It all seems like it must have happened so long ago, in a whole 'nother place. Illusion of distance, and all that.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Missuz J said...


You know, my students sometimes floor me with the things they think are still ok. Not one of them would ever think to utter the "n" word in my class, but they throw around "Jewish" and "gay" like it's nothing, regardless of how often I explain that it's not at all appropriate. Sigh. We still have a ways to go.


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