Monday, August 22, 2005

Proposal: Preamble

So, I'm writing the second entry in an ongoing series of idealized treatises on aspects of singlehood aimed at America's lovelorn and horny (but using Seattle as the basis for these items).

The point of these is simply to put these thoughts out in the open, and hopefully effect a collective loosening of the puritanical underwear we've inherited from our forebears. Because, as stated in the first entry of these, the current modes of attraction are largely fear-based, fairy-tale/date-movie-influenced, and overwhelmingly frustrating.

This all came to me after my return visit to PR a couple of years ago, and noticed how differently these matters were handled. Then I started thinking about the French and the Brazilians, and how these matters are handled there, and came to the no-brainer conclusion: Things are easier there.

Why? Because, blah blah blah. I don't know if this is a generational thing or not, but it seems the more permissive the prevailing atmosphere, the more restrictive our behavior. Or something. Go ask a sociologist, if you'd really care to know.

I just know what I see: People who are too inexperienced with these affairs and find themselves lacking in confidence, or, after dallying a little, too fearful of any negative consequences that may arise.

Maybe none of this applies to you, and if so, a hearty congrats to you. Why don't you do your single friends a favor and chill them out? I mean, do you really need to be mackin' 24/7?

And just who the fuck am I? Just your regular shmoe, with regular luck with the short term, but working on the long term. Yes, I have been the low self-confidence, inexperienced, fearful person I described above. That is, until the shift in thinking, which was greatly aided by the trip to PR, took hold.

Outside of all of that, I just recognize that some people need to hear more than "relax and quit trying so hard" in terms of advice.


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