Friday, April 18, 2008

B. Jones: Bullshit

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

And just because the outcome was known two years ago, doesn't make it less bullshit, it only makes it predictable bullshit.

So, we can add David Stern to the list of people on the list, alongside Barry Ackerman, Wally Walker, Bob Weiss, Howard Schulz (who may be removed pending court decisions), and Clay Bennett.

"wahwah, we're prepared to stay in Seattle, but we're looking at $30 million losses because they refuse to update their arena wahwah."

You know what, douchebag? When the Arena went in for renovations back in the 90s (a mere 12 years ago, a blink of an eye in terms of arena-aging), it was renovated to be what was considered state of the art at the time. How the fuck was the city to know that "state of the art" would be obsolete less than six months after renovations were complete?

Fucking A, that's less time than it took for my iPod to be obsolete, and that's saying something.

But you know who could've said something about that at the time? You, douchebag, that's who. But you kept mum, probably knowing that doing so would make it easier for your "poor" owner group to demand upgrades to arenas nationwide.

And so now, you're all uppity about the fact that Seattle has been saying no to your fucking renovations*, and you're making it so that your owners could throw hissyfits when they don't get these demands met. For fuck's sake, the renovations weren't even a decade old when Schulz started his end of the bullshit, the city was still paying it off, how do you expect the City to reply?

My suggestions to cities, make sure you have a clause that says that whatever major sports entity you're building a new stadium/arena for has to wait at least 30 years before demanding another renovation, barring safety concerns.

All is not shitting rain over here, though. The city, season ticket holders and Schulz himself are suing the Bennett team and the NBA over this bullshit. My personal hope is that Schulz decides to go anti-trust on the fuckers.

Slim hopes, but that's all we've got now.

Oh, for those who don't care, I know. STFU.

*There's been movement in caving in to the demands, thanks to this bullshit.