Thursday, September 04, 2008

Entering The Polblog Fray

So, I know things can get kind of random on this blog (if not downright arid), what with a sports entry following a pop culture entry following some deeply personal story following a recommendation to visit another site.

However, with the presidential campaign mere minutes from going full bore, I've decided it was a good idea to create a space for all of my political rants during the weeks ahead, and bring two like-minded peers along with me.

It's called The Savvy, The Extreme, & The Idealist, and the team of writers are me, Deni, and JJ. There may be more writers added to the slate as time goes by.

The idea is to supply a space for the newly politically aware to view a condensed menu of relevant news stories and articles, with both neutral and lefty commentary, and links to some featured items.

Think of it as a political Cliff's Notes.

It also provides a place for Deni, JJ and myself to vent our spleen away from our respective blogs.

Anyway, drop by, take a look, and for pete's sake, leave a comment.


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