Thursday, February 08, 2007

Roundtable: Are Pleasures Ever Truly Innocent?

I mean...what if the majority of your pleasures are of the guilty kind?

How else to explain all of the Stephen King in my book collection? Fletch and Flynn? The Buffys alongside my DVDs? So are Bring It On, Freddy Got Fingered, and Dick (Kirsten Dunst/Michelle Williams vehicle with Dan Hedaya as Richard "Titular Nickname" Nixon, ya pervs)...The fact that I own Big Audio Dynamite IIs Globe (highly highly underrated), or The Best of The Blues Brothers, or Deee Lite's World Clique.

Anyway*, Suzanne, over at Perfecting the Fine Art of Procra..., shares some of her guilty little habits, and wishes that you share yours with her. Go. Take a look. Discuss. No one will bite.

*This is quickly becoming my trademarked Roundtable Segue.--tbo



At 12:16 PM, Blogger keda said...

are you sure about the no biting?

i'm pretty sure a couple of them are ruthless ;)


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