Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Links: King Kaufman

As evidenced a couple times, earlier in the blog's existence, I like the sports.

Like 'em, yes I do. And while I consider myself to be a big fan of soccer, basketball, and baseball (ehh, I can watch football, but I'm not rabid), I don't spend my time obsessing over stats or find myself reading the Sports page on a daily basis. I also don't listen to the sports talk radio station, I don't obsess over trades (merely gripe about them, if someone I like is involved), and I don't paint my face in team colors.

Any attempts to play in fantasy leagues, leads to said teams dwelling at the bottom of the roster. This is due to the combined lack of interest in stat-studying, and my attempt to disprove Phil Jackson's "Zen" approach to coaching. (In other words, I'm likely to just have the draft happen, and then not touch the team from beginning to end, while "eliminating my desire" for the team's success. This, of course, does not preclude the endless amount of trash talking I'm bound to do, but this has nothing to do with Phil Jackson. Despite all of this, I'm still not the most annoying person in any of the leagues.)

I just like sports, in general. I get the sense that King Kaufman likes them in the same fashion. The big difference is that he gets payed to like them. He, like Heather Havrilesky, is employed by Salon.com (just do the damn day pass already).

I should clarify, however, that he's a bit more traditional in his fandom. He obviously reads the sports columnists, and thinks about this stuff with abandon (he is, after all, payed to do so). Beyond his unnatural fascination with stats, however, he doesn't read like your typical sports freak.

I mean, he has his prejudices, sure, but I think that because a) he has to write about sports on a national level, and b) not for a sports entity, it allows him to be a lot more objective and entertaining as a writer.

...I've run out of words.

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