Monday, October 25, 2004


so, I'm watching the idiot thing, and the latest ad for the ipod comes on.

I'm sure you've all seen this commercial by now. The one where the new U2 song is plugged, and starts off with Bono counting off "uno, dos tres quatorce!" Quatorce being Spanish for 14, for those not in the know...

And I think to myself, "isn't that cute! Bono's trying to reach out, or at least be original...awww." I mean, are we all agreed that U2 had stopped being relevant right around the time they ended their Zooropa tour, right?

Yeah yeah, so they returned to their sound, and yadda fucking yadda, but All That You Left Behind is no Sunday Bloody Sunday...right?


Wait, this wasn't supposed to be a whole thing against U2...Oh, yeah, I just wanted to fixate on the countdown before a song.

I guess I'd give Bono some points for effort, but, quatorce? It's out of rhythm, for one thing. And quatorce is not exactly a rockin' thing either. Kind of a mouthful, too. It'd get old by the fifth time they did it in, why do it at all?

I dunno. I'll state right now that I'm a purist about certain things. Willow should never have hooked up with Kennedy, Jon Lovitz is no replacement for Phil Hartman, and nobody can count down before a song like The Ramones can.

And, to me, that's the litmus test for counting down, and banter in a concert. Next time you're watching a band live, and they're talking in between songs, ask yourself if your interest wouldn't be better served if they had just said "onetwothreefour" before kicking into whatever song they played next.

Onetwothreefour is pretty played out, I suppose. Though standards get to be standards for a reason. And there's always fivesixseveneight, too.

Besides which, the coolest alternative was Prince's "w, x...wxyz" for "Trust (Who Do Ya?)" in the Batman Soundtrack, and if you can't beat that, don't fucking bother.

(edited because nerdboy didn't name the right Prince song)


At 5:51 AM, Blogger Welsh Pixie said...

Now that's a cool rant. Alas, I haven't heard the U2 song OR seen the iPod advert (iPod.. mmmmmmmmm...)but have to wonder whether Bono intentionally counted 1, 2, 3, 14 in an attempt to be vaguely (unsuccessfully?) funny, or if he just doesn't know his Spanish. Surely someone would have corrected him?


At 9:04 AM, Blogger Didi said...

What is it with people butchering Spanish lately? Do they think it gives them some kind of street cred to use a few words of a foreign language?

On one of the boards I post on, a woman was writing about housing prices where she lives and said that things are "MUCHO EXPENSIVO!" (in all caps, no less). I'm still debating on whether or not to rip her a new orifice, for botching the Spanish language and for using it where it makes no fucking sense.


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