Friday, October 15, 2004

Looking Digable Planets, But Feeling Beastie Boys

From the files of the Meese:

yeah yeah
huh huh
ambypants in da house
nod ya head
dj mxlpltz mixin da beats

check it

i used to come in here and then raise a big commotion
hyping words all manic so everyone got used to the notion
of having me here, to give you the schmear
on the bagel that's my life, (now give me some lotion)

name checking, convalescing, then being a big flirt
perspective, most reflective, and dishing some dirt
i'm the thoughtful Beige One, without me you can't live
now don't deny me on that or i'll stab you with a shiv
just kidding, y'all, in the goofy arts i dabble
(i used to jack my billy while i was playing scrabble)

prosaic, mosaic, my mad skillz on the flow
but when i'm not around here, i can hear you, "where'd he go?
he's so quiet, just lately, i wonder where his car is?"
well, the dating game and gong show were created by chuck barris
it's simple, the reason, of why i'm not here
i only sleep four hours, but i'm still drinking beer

Kelis: oh he works/on the show
then he paints/the sets, whoa
and he techs/for sketchfest
he thinks it's/for the best
he won't deal/with bullshit
i wish he'd/lick my--
milkshake brings all the boys in the yard--

written after a bout of uncharacteristic quietude


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