Monday, September 17, 2007

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All of that high-horsing around re: public shaming, I think there are exceptions worthy of such intense focus and ridicule (even if they rarely get it): Politicians and religious leaders; I find that their actions affect us on a more personal level, and if they're taking advantage of that power that has been willingly given to them, well, that shit needs to be exposed. (Discussion of moral BS, etc. will be saved for a real polblog, though.)

Which is why I'm pointing the light at this statement:

"I’m told researchers like to come and dig through my files, to see if anything interesting turns up. I want to wish them luck - but the files are pretty thin. I learned early on that if you don’t want your memos to get you in trouble some day, just don’t write any."

-Vice President Cheney, speaking at the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan (via Boring Old Man, with an assist from Smoooochie)

Folks, you just can't make shit like this up. I hereby invoke the spirit of the Gary Hart scandal, nearly two decades later (wiki)*, in order for it to be felt by The Bum Ticker.

Though, I bet y'all are caught up in the whole OJ Simpson fiasco by now.

What's the difference between Britney Spears and OJ Simpson?

Simpson got away with murder, "allegedly," and has been skating and attempting to cash in on it ever since. What else are we to make of the interviews, and the "If I Did It" book deal?

His "search for the real killers**" has had him selling off his memorabilia, in between golf rounds and such, in order for him to live his plane wreck of a life after the trial.

We have seen his deterioration since that day, and now look at where he is at: About to spend some jail time for armed robbery. He was part of a group that attempted to rob a memorabilia store.

How low can you get?

I'm sure in the weeks ahead, he'll plead that the "unfair sentence" brought about by the civil court case has forced him to act in this manner.

Don't believe it. He brought these circumstances upon himself***, and the post-trial gloating he indulged in didn't help any.

This is what I call karmic retribution.

Just because I want to end on a non-rant note: RIP Brett Somers, of Match Game fame. One of the first fag hags to work her way into our hearts. Remarkably funny lady, particularly when drunk/coked up, and made the world safe to hear "boobies" on TV.


*-For the click-aversant and either too young or short-term-memory-fucked, Gary Hart was the seminal (no pun intended) case of "Politician Gets Dick Wet" in the modern era of laizzes faire journalism. Notice, however, he hadn't exactly made a career out of exhorting the evils of adultery, or homosexuality.

**-Those fuckers are really really wily.

***-Yeah yeah, Britney brought it upon herself too. Big difference between showing up drunk to rehearsal when you're already a headcase, and KILLING TWO PEOPLE.--tbo


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