Friday, March 16, 2007

Plastic Continues To Suck

Well, a lot has happened since I wrote this little screed; which turned out to be the last squealings of a particularly bratty mindset of mine.

Not that I've completely turned around on some of the rantings; hell, I still espouse a good number of those beliefs...It's just that I can't have 280 movies in my Netflix queue without a bank account. Thus far, I've kept the little spending monkey in check (it has been a few months since I joined the ranks of People Who Pretend To Be Grown Up).

It'll still be a few years before I start getting credit card applications in the mail (HA!), but if and when they start coming, I'll at least be able to read these thoughts several times over before I decide to cave in. Granted, this couldn't be more of an "if" situation if it tried.

I will also probably own a DVD copy of the movie discussed here, which goes a long way towards proving that my earlier rantings are not completely baseless. Give it a read, perhaps it'll give you the same sense of "no shit, Sherlock" I experienced.

What it doesn't address, however, are some of my more paranoid notions, and what is done with that information. Oh, well, there's still time, I guess.


At 11:29 AM, Blogger JJisafool said...

Might be worth noting to your dozens of readers that the Salon link, when you aren't logged into Salon, takes you to the first two paragraphs of a review for a monster movie.

I found what you were meaning to point to, and am reading it now. But damn I was confused about the monster movie thing.


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