Monday, May 16, 2005

MC Al Most & Notorious B.E.I.G.E.

[TBO's Note: On Saturday Night, the Fourth Semi-Regular installment of the Xtreme Theater League took place. Equal parts entertainment and drunken bachannal, the format pits two entities against each other in a variety of arenas--i.e. - Critical Review-Off, Acting Competition, Touching Story competition, etc. It was quite a night, probably worthy of its own entry (the asshole in me wants to mention how the palpable desperation of certain members of a once-mighty fringe theater have become, but that will be sated later). Debuting that night, was a weird new act trying to stake claim in that somewhat neglected niche: Goofball hiphop. The name of the act, as the title of this entry states, is MC Al Most & The Notorious B.E.I.G.E. They went up against Posse Ad Esse on Saturday, and lost. TBO caught up with The Notorious One, via writing this entry, and briefly discussed the XTL event, and his own participation in it.]

TBO: Hello, B.E.I.G.E.

TNB: Just call me Beigey.

TBO: Hello, Beigey.

TNB: 'Sup?

TBO: I wanted to ask you about the other night...

TNB: We wuz robbed.

TBO: Uhm, really? I recall a bunch of blown rhymes and your having to--

TNB: Well, not really, but who gives a shit, you know whut i'm sayin?

TBO: Okay.

TNB: Cracker ass judges impressed by two white chicks rhyming--not rapping, you feel me?--rhyming about parking in Seattle. Sucka fools don't even know what happened to 'em that night. I did like it when one bent over when she was taking off the jumpsuit, that was a nice treat for the beige.

TBO: Uhuh.

TNB: "Red rover red rover send bitches right over," is fucking funny. Period. Ever notice that those who object to the word "bitches" usually are...bullshit feminism can kiss my ass.

TBO: That's a dangerous topic, Beigey, but what about--

TNB: Sorry, man, like the Black Sheep, I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go.

TBO: Don't go.

(He went.)
[TBO's Note: The following are MC Al Most's comments on the matter.]

MCAM: When the first judge said we were disrespecting women, I almost said one of two things. First was "Bitch, Shut the Fuck Up," the other was "Oh. We thought it was a hip-hop contest. Sorry for our language." I said neither.

For the record, I always have an easy time parking on the hill.


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