Friday, April 20, 2007

Allow Me To Step Aside...

I generally don't write about national calamities like the one from this past week...Not unless it affects me directly, or some boob (like the Chimp in Charge) comes up and does/says something so head-jarringly moronic that something must be said (and even this depends on the occasion. Gods know I could've said something after the CIC decided to comment on the right to bear arms not even 4 hours after it all went down).

I do, however, look for the comments from those who may have been even tangentially involved in such events. This time, I didn't need to look far...

Egg's a dear friend, and current co-worker, who happens to have VT as her alma mater, and on her blog, you get a sense of how we as human beings tend to deal with calamities of this nature, from avoidance, to shock, to, well, ruminative (I giggle with glee over one of the revelations).

Check it out; scroll down to the entry from 4/16, and immerse.


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