Thursday, April 05, 2007

1) Adrift

The other extreme to being cosmically busy, is, of course, the doldrums of "I've got nothing to do."

Madness seeps in; due to the fact that you're home earlier than usual, you start going stir crazy; the usually benign roommate becomes the target of aggravation that is made up of whole cloth.*

"Aren't I supposed to be..." The thought dies out. This is how you end up taking whatever project comes down the pike, regardless of quality. You string up enough projects taken out of desperation, next thing you know, it's seven years later, and you've nothing to really show for it, except a killer rep and more fodder for the resume.

You buy new music to fill the void. You queue up just under 400 movies to be delivered to you. You watch back to back episodes of The Wire because, simply, you can.

*Well, that and, really, you shouldn't be living with anyone who's not romantically involved.

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