Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fair Play

Okay, I must say I'm taken by surprise by the fact that David Zucker is now a Republican. And here's further proof that the man's sense of humor has long been dried up. Ah well.

My thing with the commercial is the usage of that old dead horse: Dems = Taxation Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. The appealing to the greed to be found within all of us.

I've seen it in a number of commercials already ("They may even make you pay a Death Tax!"); and, you know, I'm pretty sick of it.

Can the Reps come up with a better plan to get rid of the deficit they've created? Can they...Oh, blahblahblah.

You know, this just needs a retort that's at least funnier than this crap.

[Fade in: Johnny is talking to a teacher type.]

Teach: Now, Johnny, before you graduate, I just need to test you to see if you're ready for the world out there.

[Cut to Johhny texting "W00t! Tests are the R0XX0R! =-p That's hot." on his cell phone.]

[Cut to: Teacher in front of a map of the world.]

Teach: Okay, Johnny, please show me where Mexico is on this map.

[Johnny struggles before pointing to Greenland.]

Teach: Very good, Johnny!

[Cut to: Teacher next to a math problem on the blackboard.]

Teach: Johnny, can you tell me what the square root of 64 is?

Johnny: Uhm...

[Johnny writes "39" on the blackboard.]

Teach: Well done!

[Cut to: Teacher standing in front of the UStian flag.]

Teach: Johnny, could you tell me what the Bill of Rights are?

Johnny: Uh...You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do or say will be held against you in a court of law....

[Title card: Can Ur Children Aford Too More Years Off Republicen Police?]


[Fade in: Opulent home. Green grass, picket fence, minorities tending the garden. XFade to INT: State of the art living room. A Bush-alike strolls in from the kitchen with a plate of chicken wings.]

VO: When Republicans took over all three branches of our government, they found a 237 billion dollar budget surplus.

[The Bush-alike picks up an Xbox controller, and war sounds come out of the HDTV screen.]

VO: After six years of Republican spending, the US now faces an eight and a half trillion dollar deficit. Where is the money keeping the US afloat coming from?

[SFX: Doorbell. The Bush-alike pauses the game and goes to answer it. Cut to: Bush-alike opening the door. On the other side are Mao Tse Tung and the Ayatollah Khomeini. The Bush-alike looks surprised, as they enter. Tung and Khomeini carry various items (the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Mt. Rushmore, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, McDonald's arches, etc.) out the door throughout the rest.]

VO: More importantly, how are we going to pay once the bill is due?

[Title Card: Stop Floating Checks. Vote Democrat.]

[PS - Isn't it funny how I post more often when I'm on a supposed break from posting?--TBO]


At 4:41 AM, Blogger keda said...

ugh that's so disgusting and ridiculous and insulting frankly. thank god they are not trying to sell such nonsense to me.
if i was you i'd be mad too! how dare they assume you're all such silly twits?

i'm liking yours much more, but then i'm pretty useless, sorry :(

At 10:18 AM, Blogger RedRabbit said...

Waa-hoo! I wish the Democrats would actually RUN ads like that. Weenies.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Prego said...

Our great grandkids will be footing that bill, turning tricks in the nether-regions of China.

I like that 'tax' card that's been thrown around election time since I was old enough to notice the shit. You'd think that it'd be in everybody's interest to run the nation's finances responsibly, regardless of party. It kind of sinks my stomach, especially with how it's being spent lately.


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