Wednesday, January 18, 2006

bladda to the yadda to the yappayapyap

yeah...busy around here, so I think I'll continue the current drive-by-followed-by-post thing I've developed. I'm so far behind at work, it's not even funny.

Things have been going well. 14/48 went smashingly, including some rather effusive compliments from friends and colleagues alike. (Another huge thanks to the Stine for providing her body painting expertise on Saturday!)

I did learn one thing: No matter how well you're performing, delivering your lines with the right about of zest and timing; nothing spells "showstopper" like having a naked guy towelling himself off on stage.

Meanwhile, my pal Deni's got a great series going on about online community addiction, and uh...yeah.

I'm out of theatrical projects for the time being! Holy shit. I mean to focus on writing, but I wouldn't mind having something to look forward to before July comes around.

Aaaaanyhoos, glad to see that y'all are doing well...


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